Watching: Class 2

Class 1 - released

How it works in practice the method that has already improved the vision of more than 100,000 people. + Visual Training 1 Unlocked.

Watching: Class 2
Class 2 - Oct 16, 2023

The 5 Great Myths About Your Eyes + Visual Workout 2 Unlocked​

Class 3 - oct 19, 2023

The Specific Plan for Your Visual Problem + Visual Training 3 Unlocked

Class 4 - ????????????

New Eagle Eye Class, how to enroll

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IMPORTANT: Vision exercises are NOT a substitute for conventional medical eye care. Visit your ophthalmologist regularly, since the method of natural eye exercises is complementary to your visual health. It does not disavow or discourage, in any way, the continuity of ophthalmological medical treatment. In case of doubt or discomfort in the eyes, seek an ophthalmologist. Only he is authorized to make diagnoses and prescribe or suspend any type of medication, not self-medicate or suspend any type of medication or treatment without the authorization of his ophthalmologist.

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